the troop marches on

an update on progress from — the global defi FX protocol.

things are hotting up 🔥 as we get closer to mainnet launch and the TGE for our platform, and global #DeFi FX protocol.💱

we’ve certainly made a lot of progess since our last post, so it’s time for a #troop update.🦍


(kovan) fxTokens in a range of currencies. current eligible collateral includes ETH, wBTC, DAI with more asset types to come…

borrow in their local currency, removing FX risk and making accounting easier.

fxEUR, fxCNY, fxKRW, fxAUD are current stablecoins with more to come.

mint fxTokens — multicurrency stablecoins

(kovan) fxTokens quickly and easily to repay debt and manage vault collateral ratios.

burn Fxtokens and repay debt

between fxTokens, other stablecoins and tokens, using ethereum (kovan, mainnet) and Polygon (mainnet).

our simple interface combined with advanced order routing and variable fee structures ensures

convert on ethereum and polygon

further, we’ve launched to encourage users to try it out. read more about it here, and start earning FOREX as you convert!

manage fxToken through your — view relevant ratios, int. rates and add and withdraw multiple collateral types ETH, wBTC, DAI.

fxToken vaults

view your of fxTokens and eligible collateral in mutiple currencies. easily and .

assets in your wallet

fxTokens for collateral at 1:1 parity. earn potential arbitrage profits and help

redeem fxTokens 1:1

soon, either fxTokens or $FOREX in our liquidity, , and governance pools to earn more $FOREX rewards.

. the protocol is built to allow;

partial liquidations — only minimum collat. is ever sold to maintain CRs.
protocol controlled treasury(PCT) — where users can earn additional returns on vault collateral.
dynamic rates and CRs — ensures ongoing market competitive borrowing.

on the community side;

we’ve introduced a range of (PIEs) allowing our community troopers to earn $FOREX rewards for contributing to protocol growth.

current highlights include rewards for;

check them all out here.

also on its way is the #trooper merch store. 🏪

handle mech store

use $FOREX and ETH to buy troop swag, limited edition merch releases, and NFTs in the pipeline. 👀

our troop continues to grow with users spread across twitter, discord, telegram and substack.

the roadmap is “chockers” full of protocol improvements, including;

  • more collateral types and fxTokens
  • multi-chain and L2 deployments.
  • fiat ramps.
  • inprotocol swaps & debt conversions
  • x-asset swaps.
  • leveraged FX product

so to finish,

its been a super busy few months building…we are now booking our contract audit🎉 prior to mainnet release and prepping for TGE 💹!…..lots to look forward to.🦍

want to learn more about how we’re building the global DeFi FX protocol? come join the troop conversation on discord



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the global defi FX protocol | multi currency stablecoins backed by ethereum and more.