it’s showtime troopers (42,🦍)..

here’s what you’ve been waiting for #troopers (42,🦍)

we’re excited to announce the Token Generation Event’- TGE.

on september 21, 2021 we’ll be distributing up to 5% of the total FOREX supply to TGE participants.

the TGE will operate across 10,080 blocks (~42 hrs) on the ethereum mainnet and during that time participants can contribute ETH. at cessation of the event all participants will receive $FOREX allocations (L2) prorata their % of the entire ETH contributed.

the TGE will be open to all particpants, subject to some geographic restrictions. however we will be introducing a whitelist process allowing additonal rewards and bonuses!

join whitelist

we’ll release more specific details and timings as we get closer, so be sure to follow us on twitter or join discord to stay up to date, in the meantime more TGE and token distribution details here.

to celebrate this milestone we’re releasing a series of rewards to both thank our early community, and encourage a successful TGE outcome.

some of the TGE specific bonuses include,

**PIE #8 — TGE super boost** THIS IS A BIG ONE!!! whitelisted TGE participants will be eligible to win bonus FOREX in our 240,000 TGE super boost. thats ~$50,000 in FOREX rewards!!ONLY TGE PARTICPANTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE.

**PIE #9 — TGE FOREX airdrop** TGE participants will also receive an additional 5% on top of their final allocation following the completion of the event subject to eligibility criteria.ONLY TGE PARTICPANTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE.

**TGE NFT series: t0-Troopers**. only 210 will ever be released. the first 63 allocated by TGE contribution order, remaining distributed randomly to TGE participants* ONLY TGE PARTICPANTS WILL BE ELIGIBLE.

also, as a big thankyou to our early #troopers, we’re minting a limited supply **founding trooper — FOREX coin**. **only 420 of these coins will ever be minted** and only early community contributors will be able to claim one.

there’s also PIE #3 bonus draws and PIE #7 convert rebates and more. for details on HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED checkout our docs here.

on the project side; we’re finalising our @peckshield audit, hooking up our @chainlink oracles, and very close to @arbitrum layer2 mainnet launch….

if you want to stay up to date on all the development work don’t forget to checkout the #github channel on our discord.

its now go time for the #defi FX protocol — multicurrency #stablecoins backed by #ethereum and more..

if you want to join the handle troop, and participate in the TGE of this ground breaking protocol, join the whitelist now and stay tuned for more updates…

#troopersunite921 (42,🦍) iykyk



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the global defi FX protocol | multi currency stablecoins backed by ethereum and more.